Do You Need A Motorcycle License To Purchase A Motorcycle?

You don’t technically need a motorcycle license to register a motorcycle, but you do need motorcycle insurance — and because most insurance companies require that you have a license in order to get coverage, it’s harder to register your bike without a license.

Can I buy a motorcycle without a motorcycle license?

You can’t ride without a motorcycle endorsement. Take the permit test at your local DMV. We always recommend taking a motorcycle safety class to get your license, but you can also obtain it through the DMV road test. Get some riding experience; it will help you determine what kind of motorcycle you want to purchase.

Do you need a motorcycle license for 125cc?

For 50cc scooters you need a driver’s license, but not a motorcycle license. For 150cc you need a driver and motorcycle license. Some states also require a motorcycle license even on 50cc vehicles.

What happens if you ride a motorcycle without an endorsement?

Riding a motorcycle without the proper endorsement can result in a criminal traffic violation. You can be fined and have your driving privileges suspended, and be responsible for court costs, which can be substantial.

Can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit?

You must be accompanied, when riding on a permit. This does not mean as a passenger, it means accompanied by a person riding another motorcycle or in a motor vehicle while you are riding your motorcycle.