Does Harley Davidson Still Make The V Rod?

While each bike tells its own story and has made the brand Harley Davidson a successful one, there are some versions which did have a setback and were called off.

The Harley Davidson V Rod discontinued after a while and the company decided to discretely execute this decision.

Will Harley Davidson bring back the V Rod?

Harley-Davidson has decided to quietly discontinue the Harley-Davidson V-Rod from it 2018 model line-up. The 2017 V-Rod Muscle and Night Rod Special will be the final iterations of the VSRC (V-Twin Street Racing Custom) line from Harley-Davidson.

Is V Rod a real Harley?

No, they do not but a V-Rod is about as much a Harley as a Yamaha is. If you want a Harley to own a “Harley” and be one of the cool kids you get a classic Harley not a V-Rod. No, they do not but a V-Rod is about as much a Harley as a Yamaha is.

What years did Harley make the V Rod?

It was introduced for the new V-Rod line in 2001 for the 2002 model year, starting with the single VRSCA (V-Twin Racing Street Custom) model. A 1,247 cc Screamin’ Eagle version of the Revolution engine was made available for 2005, and was present thereafter in a single production model from 2005 to 2007.

How much horsepower does a Harley V Rod have?

There’s a quarter-mile of asphalt in its family tree.

Our deep racing heritage comes screaming to life in the V-Rod Muscle®. It starts with a liquid-cooled 1250cc 60° Revolution® V-Twin engine featuring dual overhead cams and 120 horsepower to the fat rear tire.