How Many Harley Davidson Dealers Are There In The World?

According to Harley Davidson’s website there are 398 dealerships in the European region.

Of the total 1498 across the world, 698 are in the United States, followed by Europe’s number above, and then Asia with 276.

Below is a map of Harley Davidson dealerships plotted across the globe.

Where is the largest Harley Davidson dealership in the world?

The world’s largest Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) dealership has opened in Scottsdale, and the massive building features much more than just motorcycles.

  • Proceeds: All of the proceeds will benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  • More info:

How many Harley Davidsons are sold each year?

For 2018, Harley-Davidson expects to ship about 231,000 to 236,000 motorcycles globally. Harley has said it aims to add two million new riders in the U.S. over the coming decade and boost its international business to 50% of its total annual volume from around 38%.

Is there a Harley Davidson dealer in Iceland?

Good luck! I found a motorcycle shop called Reykjavik Motor Center on Bolholt 4 where they sell Harley-ish shirts: there is no longer a Harley Davidson dealer in Iceland. That’s the closest that can be found in Iceland.

Is Harley Davidson a global company?

Throughout the world, Harley-Davidson unites people deeply, passionately and authentically. Being recognized as an iconic brand is gratifying, but igniting the fire within people on the many roads of the world is what we are all about. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders come from diverse backgrounds.

Is Harley dead?

August 1, 2019, Saint Charles, Missouri, United States

What is the largest Harley?

Harley-Davidson CVOs the biggest yet. Harley-Davidson has shoehorned a Screamin’ Eagle 117-cube (1923cc) V-twin — their biggest stock engine yet — into the 2018 four-model CVO range.

How many motorcycle are sold each year?

In the 2018 fiscal year, Honda sold around 19.6 million motorcycles worldwide and about 313,000 to motorcycle shoppers in North America.

How many motorcycles are there in the world?

About 200 million motorcycles, including mopeds, motor scooters, motorised bicycles, and other powered two and three-wheelers, are in use worldwide, or about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people.

How many motorcycle helmets are sold each year?

According to the experts we spoke to, helmets are still the leading aftermarket product in the motorcycle industry with more than 2 million sold each year.

What are the different types of Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Models Overview

  1. Harley-Davidson Street™ Models. Street™ 500. Street™ 750.
  2. Sportster® Models. Iron 883™ SuperLow®
  3. Dyna® Models. Low Rider. Fat Bob.
  4. Softail® Models. Fat Boy® Fat Boy® Lo.
  5. V-Rod® Models. Night Rod® Special. V-Rod Muscle®
  6. Touring Models. Road King® Street Glide®
  7. CVO™ Models. CVO™ Street Glide®
  8. Trike Models. Freewheeler™

What are the different types of Harley Davidson motors?

Big Twin (Stock) Engine Sizes:

  • Flathead 45ci (737cc)
  • Knucklehead 60ci (983cc) & 74ci (1212cc)
  • Panhead 60ci (983cc) & 74ci (1212cc)
  • Shovelhead 74ci (1212cc) & 82ci (1343cc)
  • Evolution 82ci (1343cc)
  • Twincam 88ci (1442cc) & 95ci (1556cc) (88/96ci bore 3.75in (95.25mm) & 4.00in stroke on 88ci (101.6 mm)

Is Harley Davidson owned by Kawasaki?

No, Harley-Davidson, Inc. wasn’t bought out by Kawasaki. Harley is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. However, Harley-Davidson has purchased automated tooling from Kawasaki for use in their plants. That’s as far as the relationship goes.

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