How Much Does It Cost To Lower Your Motorcycle?

Drawbacks: Getting your suspension professionally lowered at a suspension shop is not cheap.

You’ll spend anywhere from $200 to $300 to lower either the front or rear suspensions.

Aftermarket shocks can also cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

Can you lower a motorcycle?

Some bikes come with a preload adjuster dial that can be turned by hand. By reducing preload, you can lower the rear ride height. Start by lowering your ride height to the lowest possible setting that still falls within the factory recommended Sag range. This is another way you can lower the motorcycle in the front.

Does lowering a Harley affect handling?

Lower the bike and you’ll reduce cornering clearance, i.e., you’ll scrape your floorboards at less angle/lower speed. Shorter shocks generally mean less stroke/travel. Less shock stroke will probably equate to a less comfortable ride, e.g., stiffer springs to keep from bottoming-out.

How do I lower my bike?

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How do you raise the height of a motorcycle?

Raise the ride height and you jack up the rear. This makes the front tyre work harder and allows the bike to turn quicker. The trade-off is a loss of stability. Lower the ride height and you do the opposite dropping the rear of the bike and reducing the load on the front tyre.