Quick Answer: What Year Does A Motorcycle Become Tax Exempt?

What year does a motorcycle become MOT exempt?

From 20 May 2018 the MOT test for vehicles over 40 years old will be abolished.

It means that cars and bikes will simultaneously become MOT and VED-exempt the moment they hit 40.

The move means that from next spring, pre-1978 cars and bikes will basically become free to own, other than fuel and insurance expenses.

Are vehicles over 25 years old tax exempt?

As well as generally looking fantastic, classic cars that are more than 40 years old are actually exempt from vehicle tax altogether. The exemption originally applied to any vehicle over 25 years old on the basis that they would be incapable of racking up much mileage.

At what age does a motorcycle become a classic?

Overall, there’s a general consensus among motorcycle enthusiasts that any motorcycle over the age of 25 could be considered a classic, but some also base their definition on the bike’s appearance or design.

Does a 40 year old motorcycle need an MOT?

No more MOTs for 40-year-old bikes. THE Department for Transport has revealed that vehicles over 40 years old will be exempt from MOT tests from May next year. However, under the current rules, only 6% of pre-1960, MOT-exempt vehicle owners take up that option.