Quick Answer: When Did Sportsters Get Electric Start?

First Electric Start Sportster

Until the 1967 XLH, all Sportsters were kickstart only.

During 1967 and until 1969, the Motor Company made two cases for the Sportster, one for the kick-start XLCH and one for electric-start XLH.

Starting in 1970, all Sportster models shared the same engine cases.

Are 1200 Sportsters fast?

How Fast Is the 1200 Sportster? The Sportster is a well-known cruiser made by the Harley-Davidson company. The bike, with a 1200 cc engine, is still being produced for the 2011 market. It is available in several different versions, including the Sportster Low, SuperLow, Nightster, XR1200X and FortyEight.

When were ironheads made?

The ironhead was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine, so named because of the composition of the cylinder heads (Iron instead of Aluminium). The engine is a two-cylinder, two valves per cylinder, pushrod V-twin. It was produced from 1957 until 1985 and was replaced by the Evolution engine in 1986.

What year did the 883 Sportster come out?

Introduced in 1986 in 883 and 1100 guises before growing to 1200 in 1988, Harley’s Sportster family (the name was first used by Harley in 1957) has always been designed as the easy access point into the famous American brand.

When did Sportsters get 5 speed?

Sportsters made from 1957 through 1990 were outfitted with four-speed transmissions, while models made since 1991 have five-speed gearboxes.